Garden Tea Party for Pottery Barn Kids

This year marks my ninth year of styling for Pottery Barn Kids, and I must be having fun because time has really flown by! Over the years of collaborating with the fantastic team at PBK, I have had the opportunity to dream up and create all kinds of fun craft and decorating ideas for their nurseries, and kids rooms. They recently launched a wonderful Parties and Celebrations online library of inspiration, templates, videos and recipes, and I thought I'd share some highlights from the parties I styled for it - as well as the how-to videos I hosted. The Garden Tea Party is the very first one we did, and is one of my favorites!

To transform our girls into little fairies, we created these quick and easy tutus by sewing a few folds of tulle to a long satin ribbon.  They sat on chairs decorated with ribbons and oversized tissue paper flowers happily sipping tea and munching on delicious mini mushroom cupcakes under the canopy.

This idea was later developed into a toadstool vanilla sour cream cupcake recipe.  After frosting them we cut mini marshmallows in half to create the dots.

Here are some of the other craft ideas: Paper Flower invitations to be delivered by hand, delicious Fruit Wands for snacking, and flower-trimmed mini buckets for gathering wild flowers to make sweet Fairy crowns.

Here are links for a downloadable template and more information on how to make the invitations, as well as how-to videos for the Fruit Wands, and Flower Crowns. Doing the videos was a personal challenge that I enjoyed, and I think I got better at doing them over time.  (These were some of my first ones, so please be gentle with me! I was just a little nervous...)

The party culminated with our giant crepe paper Flower Pinata!  

We chose to create this with ribbon pulls -which seemed more appropriate for little fairies. The nice thing about it is that you can reuse it again, since it won't be destroyed like a more traditional pinata.  Here are instructions on how to make.

What little girl wouldn't love to be a fairy for a day?

I hope to post more about some of the other parties and showers I styled soon.  For now, please visit Pottery Barn Kids for tons of inspiration!

Please note: Kelli Ronci is a freelance stylist for Pottery Barn Kids, and all photographs in this post are the property of Pottery Barn Kids. Photographed by Chris Andre.


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