Yarn-Wrapped Heart Valentines 


Here's a little last-minute Valentine idea to whip up while you're watching TV.  I'm always looking for ways to make use of left-over yarn from other projects, and this one is quick and easy!


Here's a step-by-step how-to to get you started . . . 

A heart-shaped template will help to make multiple hearts.  Fold a piece of paper in half, draw a half-heart shape along the folded edge, cut out and open.  Tip: I found it best to make my hearts squat and very rounded.  Sharper corners and too deep of a V at the top might make it tricky later when you are winding the yarn around the heart shape.

Trace around your template on a piece of cardboard - I used the flap of a box.  Then cut out hearts with a good pair of paper scissors.  These don't have to be too perfect, since you will be covering them up - but try to keep the edges fairly smooth.

All you need is a little piece of tape to secure one end of your yarn to the center of the backside of the heart.

To get started, wrap the yarn around the center of the heart several times.

Then wrap the yarn across the heart diagonally. Allow the heart to rotate as you continue wrapping diagonally. Wrap all the way around once, allowing spaces in between the yarn strands.  Then continue to wind around and around covering up the gaps.  Keep going until the cardboard is completely covered.

All images photographed and styled by Kelli Ronci. Dishes: Astier de Vilatte; Rug: Serena & Lily.

Then cut the yarn and tuck the end in on the backside of the heart. Voila!  I hope you enjoy - let me know how it goes, and have a great Valentine's Day!



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