From the Portfolio: Crayon Hearts

Every year around this time I get to thinking about one of the first Valentine crafts I developed as a "Good thing" when I was a Craft Editor at Martha Stewart Living: Crayon Hearts.  

Click on photo for the how-to. Photographed by LIsa Hubbard.

I first learned of this idea to create a stained glass-like effect, by melting crayon shavings between sheets of wax paper with an iron, when perusing an old craft book from the 70's. I had a lot of fun testing to see just how hot the iron should be, and experimenting with blending color. It wasn't long before I became obsessed with all the different shades of red, pink and orange in the crayon box, and the idea quickly developed into hearts!

Now I'm delighted to see this image everywhere - on Pinterest and blogs, and even on the cover of Martha's most recent craft book: Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts: 225 Inspired Projects for Year-Round Celebrations

It's truly an honor, after all these years, to see something I created still being done, and enjoyed!  A quick Google image search shows countless little hands shaving crayons, and multiple variations on the garland theme.  Here are some of my favorite adaptations:

I like how Lindsay from My Own Ideas turns the crayon heart garland into a Valentine gift with some creative packaging.

Stringing the hearts vertically on a single strand makes them easy to hang.

Sewing through the center of the hearts is a quick and easy way to create a more horizontal garland, like this one shown on Hazelnuts. 

I love how this one turned out on Crafting Mom - great "marbleized" effect! 

Kelly Ann Carter shows how the hearts can also look great mounted against a white wall . . .

and Erin at House of Earnest elevates the idea to a new level placing a single heart against a white napkin. 

How about you?  Have you tried this idea yet?  It's not just for making hearts!  I'm tempted to pull out some crayons and revisit the idea to see what else might evolve . . . Perhaps a mobile for a nursery?  Who knows . . .

Reader Comments (1)

Amazing to see your adaptation of the idea reproduced! Must be very rewarding.

Love the old idea of melting crayon shavings between paper...I remember doing this exact thing in elementary school with blues and greens to create and "under the sea" backdrop...we eventually glued black cardstock flora and fauna overtop of it...I still remember the effect!

February 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa

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